Avengers VS. X-Men is a 2012 Marvel Comics crossover maxiseries event. It was reviewed by James and Michael David Sims on The Show, Episode 566 in a special E2TS/Tranquil Tirades crossover.

What did we learn from this maxiseries?Edit

  • Not a whole lot
  • Marvel apparently has staggeringly low standards for books they charge $3.99 for.
  • Cyclops is a complete fucking idiot and is now the ultimate piece of shit in the Marvel Universe
  • Captain America, the most brilliant strategist in the Marvel Universe, thinks it would be a really great idea to arbitrarily punch a guy with an unbreakable metal skeleton in the face.
  • Captain America apparently thinks that Hope Summers--who is like 15 years old and has spent about six total months with the X-Men--knows more about the Phoenix Force and the X-Men than Wolverine.
  • Cappy also kicks Wolverine out of an aircraft into Antarctica just because he made a solo play on Hope and scared her off. Who needs to reason with someone if you can just abandon them in a frozen wasteland?
  • Hope just happens to know where Wolverine was dumped with no explanation as to how she figured it out.
  • Wolverine apparently has psychic powers that let Captain America know where he and Hope were after Steve dumped him in the icy wasteland.
  • Cyclops loves shooting people in the face with optic blasts.
  • It took Tony Stark twelve issues to come up with the brilliant plan to combine Hope and Scarlet Witch's powers to take down Cyclops.
  • Spider-Man can take a punch to the face from a Phoenix-powered, Juggernaut-powered Colossus and not only live, but quip afterwards.
  • The Phoenix Force is weak against Dragons powered by Iron Fist aura. Except the dragon shown in this series is defeated in three panels.
  • Wolverine thinks he can kill Hope even though she would have gained his mutant healing factor by being near him.
  • Magneto, who stood against Cyclops with the rest of the heroes, is on the run for literally no reason at the end of the series.
  • Storm feels that the best time to yell at her husband, the Black Panther, about their marital troubles is during a battle that could determine the fate of a teenage girl, and subsequently, the world.


James: Buffalo

Tiradesverse tropesEdit

  • Protagonists? - Too many to count, but Captain America, Storm, and Cyclops are obvious
  • Real protagonist - Wolverine, because he was the only person acting as he should be the entire series; and Magneto, because he did nothing wrong, but is said to be on the run at the end
  • Pointless heel turn -
    • Cyclops - Turns into a complete, mindless thug and then a raging (yet whiny) psychopath
    • Emma Frost - Enslaves the New Mutants
    • Magneto - This example reflects on the writers, rather than the character.  Magneto is apparently wanted by the authorities at the end of the series, even though he did nothing wrong.
  • Clusterfuck Syndrome
  • Plot convenience -
    • Wolverine is rescued from the Antarctic by Hope with no explanation as to how she found him
    • Captain America somehow knew where to find them after this
  • Nonsensical Title - The series is called Avengers VS. X-Men, but most of the main 12 books do not involve the two teams fighting each other
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