Cypher Raige (yes, that is the character's name...) is one of the two main protagonists? in the 2013 M. Night Shyamalan film, After Earth. He is played, but sadly, not acted, by Will Smith, who's collecting a Ben Kingsley Paycheck.

Facts[edit | edit source]

  • No, seriously, we are not joking--that is this character's name
  • Because when you cast one of the most charismatic actors in the world, you cast him to play someone who shows zero emotion
  • Claims that fear is a choice, which is one of the single most idiotic things ever said in the history of the human race
  • Treats his son like shit throughout the film
  • Was two days from retirement
  • Somehow manages to survive having an artery cut
  • I still can't get over this fucker's, that's the name of a 13-year-old on XBox Live
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