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Dakota Moss is a co-main-protagonist? in the 2007 film, I Know Who Killed Me. She is played by Lindsay Lohan.


  • Twin sister of Aubrey Fleming
  • Is the real main character of the movie, but she isn't introduced until over 25 minutes in
  • Is a stripper that never gets naked
  • Obsessed with the color red
  • Doesn't cooperate with the useless FBI characters, even though she has assumedly been hacked and maimed by the serial killer they are trying to capture
  • A DNA identification confuses her with Aubrey, indicating that they are identical twins even though they are actually fraternal twins.  A comparison of fingerprints would have been better (and simpler and cheaper) since even identical twins have different fingerprints.
  • Name-drops the title of the movie, even though it makes literally zero sense
  • Fights and kills Bluefinger with help from her super-robo-grip prosthetic arm/hand