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Douglas Norquist is the villain of the 2007 film, I Know Who Killed Me. He is played by Thomas Tofel.


  • Also goes by "Bluefinger" or "Bluey McBluerson"
  • First appears about five minutes into the movie and then isn't seen again for an hour and twenty minutes
  • Becomes a serial killer who brutally hacks and maims high school girls...because they quit playing piano
  • Has quite possibly the most laughable motivation for being a serial killer in fictional history
  • Tries entirely too hard to make crazy facial expressions (see the picture)
  • Possibly kicked out of the Blue Man Group years before the events of the movie
  • Gets stabbed in the balls and the throat with a piece of blue glass by Dakota Moss
  • His bones are apparently weak enough to be cut in two by said glass
  • The last remaining cultist from Happy Happy Village