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Murder-Set-Pieces is a 2004 slasher/exploitation film written and directed by Nick Palumbo.

It is the worst movie ever made.

No, seriously--to be a movie, you have to be better than this.


A creepy German photographer/pedophile/vampire/cannibal/necrophile goes on a rampage in a city that has no police force to speak of.

There is no plot.

Notable Characters[]

The Episode[]

Episode 0.1 was the pilot for the eventual Tirades podcast, and aired as part of The Show Episode 407.

Though they'd collaborated before on written reviews, this was the first recording by James and Damien as a duo, which wouldn't happen again until Episode 15.


Since the episode predates the official podcast, The Final Word scoring system had not yet been implemented, theoretically using a 0 to 5 scale.

James - [refused to give a score]

Damien - Negative Googol

(As of Episode 17, it has been given the Final Word, "excruciating", by James.)


  • Rightous Donkey Punch - Great Band Name
  • Nutbag
  • Random voice overs
  • Shots of 9/11...???
  • A woman gets her head chainsawed in half and continues screaming.
  • A giant German Nazi and a 12 year old girl have a fight scene.
  • Apparently someone decided to edit in their high school film project.
  • "The Nazi's I met didn't look anything like Kenny Rogers"


Tiradesverse Tropes[]

Before and After[]

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