Showgirls is a 1995 drama/black comedy starring Elizabeth Berkeley of Saved by the Bell fame.

In 2012, it was voted by the listeners as the worst movie thus far covered on the show; however, the hosts beg to differ.


A completely unlikable bitch hitchhikes to Las Vegas, destroys the lives of everyone she comes into contact with, and then cheerfully leaves Vegas for Los Angeles. This all takes well over two excruciating hours of real time to go through.

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The EpisodeEdit

  • This episode was the longest one to date, until Episode 22 first broke the record. While the Showgirls record has been broken by many more episodes after the Revenge of the Fallen coverage, this episode is still important for being the first episode to be the first of the 'episodes that are almost obscenely long'
  • This is also the episode where the idea for the Tirades Brothel formed


James - Circumbendibus

Damien - Exasecond

Mike - Boring


  • The Seamstri
  • Mike explains the rules of racism
  • Crooked Face
  • Damien is disgusted by menstruation
  • Drinking milk from a can
  • iHook - the hooker app
  • "At this point (two hours in), give me a monkey sword fight" - Damien
  • Robocop needs to ask about herpes


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Ending SongEdit

Le Tigre - I'm so excited

Le Tigre - I'm so excited

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Next Episode - Episode 11 - Kazaam