Birdemic: Shock and Terror is an independent 2010 horror film written and directed by James Nguyen. It is a prequel to The Room.

It was funded with Best Buy gift cards and created on a TI-82 graphing calculator.


What starts off as a horribly acted romance/comedy turns into a horribly acted and horribly rendered horror/Al Gore lovefest film about killer birds.

Notable CharactersEdit

The EpisodeEdit

  • This episode marked the biggest gap in enjoyment between the hosts, as James hated the movie, Damien loved it, and Mike was asleep.
  • The stinger also made an offhand comment about the creation of the wiki.


James - Lockbox

Damien - Dreamcast

Mike - Ginasaurus


  • Tastes Like Yesterday - horrible band name
  • Natalie gets the cover of Victoria's Secret (or Victorian Secret)
  • Al Roker - solar panel salesman
  • The hosts imagine the Johnny and Rod gay relationship
  • Prodigious chest hair
  • 59 camera angles of clapping
  • "Man that was a good movie, An Inconvenient Truth".
  • The hosts imagine Rod reciting lines from other movies in 2006
  • Susan and Tony invent Eastern European Football
  • Stinger - Jewish Robocop wishes you a happy holiday


Tiradesverse tropesEdit

  • Protagonists? - Everyone.  No, seriously.  EVERYONE.
  • Edited at gunpoint
  • Courtneys - Everyone except Rod and Nathalie, although an argument could made for those two, as well
  • Plot Armor - One of the most extreme examples ever seen, the plot almost seems to be willing Rod and Nathalie to stay alive by granting them new and exciting equipment and tools out of absolutely nowhere in their van, despite never previously being seen before they are shown in their respective moments.
  • MacGuffin Disease - The condition that causes the birds to attack
  • Established establishing - Endless driving scenes
  • Random sex scene - Rod and Nathalie (disputed, as both of them woke up fully clothed)
  • Casio Keyboard
  • Cheeky shenanigans - The first half of the movie, up until the birds first attack
  • Exposition fairy - Dr. Jones
  • Exposition Network
  • Nonsensical Title - Does this even need to be explained?
  • Bullseye Bullshit - An underwear model and a salesman are able to shoot demented killer birds hovering around...with pistols...from inside a car
  • Brick Wall Ending - The birds meet a bunch of other birds and fly off while the cast (and the audience) stare on, dumbfounded.
  • Instant Love - Rod and Nathalie fall in love despite Rod having the personality of a stale doughnut.

Ending SongEdit

Fly Like An Eagle

Fly Like An Eagle

Before and AfterEdit

Previous Episode - Episode 11 - Kazaam

Next Episode - Episode 13 - The Nutcracker in 3D