Transformers is a 2007 action/sci-fi film directed by Michael Bay.  It features three minutes of character development and backstory, and 140 minutes of mindless property damage, cookie cutter stereotypes, and horrendous dialogue.

Its working title was: Oh, Shit, It's a Robot! Part I.


An 11th grader tries desperately to get into some bimbo's panties while giant alien robots fight each other over a ripoff of the Cosmic Cube.

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  • Transformers is, inexplicably, the most critically praised movie to ever be covered on the show, as popular opinion of the film regularly regards it as "not so bad" or even "good", which was mentioned repeatedly and eventually proven wrong by the episode.
  • A running joke with this episode was the never-ending dread from the hosts over how long the episode would wind up being, due to James' ridiculously long summary.  In the end, though, the Showgirls episode still remained the longest (but only by about five minutes) to that point. The record would eventually be beaten by the subsequent episode.
  • The hosts officially retired "It worked in Blazing Saddles!" here.


James - Karoshi (Japanese for "death from overwork")

Damien - Broseph


  • Billy??? Hello???
  • Megatron's Swiss bank account
  • The Allspark was created by Nic Cage's Career, and once shrunk, becomes the good part of it
  • "Is that Starscream?!"
  • The hosts imagine old timey guys in the 1930's in top hats and monocles trying to get Megatron out of the ice with Model T's
  • All of the lamest, weakest characters from Dragon Ball Z could kill everyone in the scene where Frenzy is finally killed
  • The hosts imagine Johnny and Mark from The Room interrogating Sam at a police station
  • All that "chemistry" between Sam and Mikaela
  • The hosts finally declare what movies they will never cover
  • Damien's Final Thoughts on the film


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The touch

The touch

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