House of the Dead is a 2003 action/horror film directed by Uwe Boll, based on the video game series of the same name.

It contains a lot of spinning camera shots cut together with Windows Movie Maker.

It is notable in that, despite being a horror movie, it has a distinct lack of on-screen death.


Zombies have a cuddle party.

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The EpisodeEdit

This is the first Uwe Boll movie to be covered on the show, though previous Boll movies had been covered in the written Tirades.


James - Stupidiotic

Damien - Hasbro

Mike - Uwe


  • Bill Goldberg is a Jew
  • 8 characters are introduced in 4 seconds
  • "Priceline Negotiator!"
  • Boob count rules
  • Shanty of the Dead - The Irish Cut
  • More of Solid Snake and his weapon expertise
  • Tortilla cosplay
  • In depth discussion of the Gumby universe
  • The Saw canon was changed to include Powder
  • Between the Tits - A Michael Cole Production
  • Damien discovers the Facebook page
  • Stinger - German porn discussion


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Madness - Our House

Madness - Our House

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