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Terrance Hulkford Hogan is an American musician, actor, pasta enthusiast and occasional professional wrestler. He is primarily known for his striking fashion sense and for fighting for the rights of every man [citation needed].


  • Once slammed the 6000 pound Andre the Giant, which caused Pangaea to break into pieces, brother
  • Never did steroids, dude

  • Fueled strictly on prayers and vitamins, jack
  • Was going to be an original member of Metallica, man, but lemme tella somethin' dude, the Hulkster was making too much scratch beating on that big stinky One Man Gang at the Garden
  • Totally didn't help kill WCW and TNA, dude
  • Primarily full of shit every time he talks
  • Starred in such awesome films as Santa with Muscles, 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain, and Suburban Commando
  • Outed as a racist moron
  • It's cool, though, because a jury awarded him like eleventy billion dollars in his lawsuit against Gawker
  • Is also an anti-vaxxer despite doing enough steroids to kill several thousand sperm whales, a stampede of wildebeests, and Godzilla