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You're about to kill me, aren't you?

Jade is a villain in the 1997 film, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. She is played by Irina Pantaeva.


  • Tries to seduce Liu Kang.......  we think...
  • Apparently has reality-warping abilities
  • Accompanies Kang across an untold number of miles of desert and into Outworld
  • Leads him to Shao Kahn's hideously animated CGI fortress, where he is attacked by Baraka
  • Which leads us to wonder repeatedly why she didn't just fucking kill him back in the desert when she had ample opportunities to do so
  • Pulls off the most idiotic and poorly timed heel turn ever seen
  • Is fed to a pitifully animated CG creature by Shao Kahn
  • Unlike Kahn's previous killing of a minion, both hosts were wholeheartedly in favor of this one
  • Possibly the driver of the Hummer