Tranquil Tirades Wiki

James Deaux is the creator and, currently, solo host of the Tranquil Tirades, as well as the chief editor of the Tranquil Tirades Wiki.


An English major, James created the Tranquil Tirades after realizing his writing talents were really only good for two things--sports and awful movies. Early in the show's run, he was the straight-man of the show and generally kept the show moving along when the inevitable tangents arose. When the show became a two-man operation from Episode 15 through Episode 68, he became infamous for his absurdly long and detailed movie summaries when it is his turn to recap the movie of the month.

He and former co-host, Damien, were also destined to be called to battle under the leadership of Jim Varney in The Ultimate Battle of Good vs. Evil. Sadly, this battle will never happen, but if it had, he would absolutely have worn the sombrero.

He is also known to wield a shotgun of verbal logic, and, after his resurrection, has been granted the power to shoot mind bullets.


  • Is a published author--and yes, you can buy his book at Xlibris Publishing. Hell, buy twelve. It currently has a five star rating on Goodreads.
  • Is apparently ranked in the top 5% of Rock Band players in the world based on their weird rating system nowadays
  • Has a metabolism that is beyond explanation and that 95% of women would utterly kill for
  • Has an inhumanly great love of sweet iced tea, coconut and pistachios; though not necessarily all together
  • Alice in Wonderland fanatic
  • Is quite fond of the word "vociferous," and, at one point, purposely got the word into each of his written reviews
  • Is a huge Metallica and Alice in Chains fan
  • Does a spot-on impersonation of Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force
  • Has been known to sing covers for songs that would have been appropriate for the ending theme of the episode.
  • DO NOT bring up The Last Airbender around him.