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Agent Jay McPherson is an antagonist in the 2004 film, Torque. He is played by Adam Scott.


  • Looks like the illegitimate lovechild of David Tennant and Billie Joe Armstrong
  • Somehow is an FBI agent
  • Wielder of McPherson's Key
  • Somehow causes his Hummer to do a cannon drill and then land perfectly straight, upside-down
  • Pulls one of the most idiotic and nonsensical heel turns ever
  • Didn't know his partner (who is an FBI agent, mind you) was wearing a bulletproof vest
  • Even if she did die, there would be a bullet from his FBI-issued gun in her body, which would bring his ever-so-smart plan to sell crystal meth crashing down in a colossal pile of fail
  • Possibly a fan of Death Cab for Cutie