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Amazing how she manages to not age 25 years between movies, huh?

Jennifer is a protagonist? in the 1991 film, Samurai Cop. She is played by Janis Farley. The character also appears as a villain in the 2015 sequel, Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance, under the name "Milena Roberts" and is played by porn star, Kayden Kross.


  • May or may not have had sex with Fujiyama
  • Definitely has sex with Joe Marshall
  • Has appallingly poor taste in men
  • Tells Marshall repeatedly that she doesn't want to go out with him, but she just decides to have sex with him after he stalks her, randomly appears outside her church, and takes her to his beachside mansion
  • Apparently wears a bikini under her Sunday best
  • Tells her mother that she is in love with him after spending like eight hours with him
  • Is a moron
  • Owns a yarn lion head for some reason
  • Goes on to fake her own death in the second movie in order to get Joe to kill all members of Katana, Inc.
  • This astronomically stupid plan of hers takes 25 years to come to fruition, even though literally all she had to do was tell Joe to kill the Katana gang members from the start and he would have
  • And further, we're still not even sure how any Katana gang members survived after the events of the first movie since Joe and Frank killed absolutely every single one of them
  • Has a brother named Linton Kitano, which is strange because this guy was never mentioned in the previous movie
  • This also means Master Kitano is her mother, even though she can't possibly be
  • She also kisses Linton, which means she's into incest
  • In other news, thinking things through was not high on the filmmakers' priority lists
  • Damien watched the movie and had no idea Jennifer and Milena were the same character until reading this entry