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Johnny Cage is a character/plot device in the 1997 film, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation. He is played by Chris Conrad. killed by shao-kan brian thompson james pollock outwold mortal kombat;annihilation mk;annihilation soul is dead johnny cage,./ cesar chavez jrotc david sighn shao-kahn,./ chris conrad is an american actot. he is best know for his role as jason in young hercuks, demis, mcclearen partriot, and eric mcgowen in the next karate kid. linden ashby,./ vs. chros conrad cassamassa scorpion ninjas. johnny won fight against scorpion ninja in the mortal kombat 1995 movie. johnny won his fight against scorpion in mortal kombat movie,./ linden ashby,s mk11 money [hollywood kombatant]. johnny cage is a character/plot device in the 1997 film, mortal kombat;annihilation. he played by chris conrad.


  • On screen just long enough to get bitched out and killed by Shao Kahn
  • This is despite the fact that he beat Goro in the previous movie and technically could have won Mortal Kombat
  • The only reason for this to happen was apparently so Sonya could spend the rest of the movie complaining about it
  • No wonder Linden Ashby didn't return