Michael Cole was a co-host on the Tranquil Tirades for the first 14 official episodes, along with Episode 0.2.


Mike was James' roommate and friend for over a decade, and had become a co-host on the show in time for the official debut of the podcast. However, in early 2012, he moved out of James' house and, due to numerous negative incidents, James stopped hanging out with, or talking to him. During his tenure, he became known for his brashness in relation to James and Damien, and thus, was responsible for some of the show's best moments, and most of its worst.

Do not e-mail the show asking when/if he will return. It will never happen.



  • Jewish
  • Was drunk for at least two episodes
  • Once got head at James' parents house
  • Never got anyone's name right
  • Likes movies more than he likes soap
  • Knows a lot about motorcycles and guns
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