Michael David Sims (a.k.a., The Master, Master Yoda, Mike, or Emperor Mike) is the owner, operator, and editor of He posts the Tranquil Tirades podcasts on the website, and thus, is a major reason why James and Damien can talk about all of the horrible movies in the Tiradesverse. It was Mike who allowed James and Damien to join him on Episodes 356 and 425 of the flagship podcast of, The Show, to discuss Saw VI and Saw 3D, which were major catalysts for the creation of the Tirades podcast.

He would later join the Real Protagonists for The Crow: Wicked Prayer.


  • Prone to bashing his head into desks during moments of utter, blithering idiocy in film
  • Fancies a gin and tonic
  • Is not particularly fond of the Tim Burton Batman films
  • But he absolutely loves Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho. (Really, who doesn't, though?)