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The following is a list of movies that the hosts absolutely will never review on the show.

So stop asking.

The List[]

  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (both James and Damien like it)
  • The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions (we don't have the strength to make sense of them - also, Keanu Reeves is awesome)
  • Pretty much anything with Kate Beckinsale in it
  • Any comedies (Yes, most of them are bad. A two hour podcast with us saying "this wasn't funny" over and over is worse.)
  • Nutbag
  • Most cult movies made before 1990. (Most are historically significant and Damien enjoys them unironically. There will occasionally be exceptions for Large Farva purposes.)  
  • Anything Mystery Science Theater 3000 has covered. (We're not going to do any better than they did.)
  • Green Lantern. (It wasn't that bad. Calm down.)
  • Sucker Punch. (Damien likes it.)
  • Daredevil. (The director's cut fixes most of the issues.)
  • Silent Hill. (Damien is a huge fan of the source material and despite him realizing its flaws more as time has passed, it's still pretty decent for a video game movie. Also, the sequel is a million times worse and has already been covered.)
  • Anything directed by Tim Burton. (Besides, the first two Batman films have already been reviewed by James, Mike Sims, and Ian Wilson.)
  • Spice World (It would be a guilty pleasure of Damien if he had any guilt.)
  • Escape from L.A. - (James is a huge fan of the movie.)
  • Over the Top - (It's the greatest arm-wrestling movie ever made.)
  • Any religious apocalypse movie
  • Titanic: The Legend Goes On (The hosts tried, but the animation was abysmal, it was impossible to figure out what was happening at any moment because it jumped around so ridiculously, and there was zero focus.)
  • The Star Wars Holiday Special (Damien is not a fan of Star Wars, and, as such, would in no way be impartial towards both this and the franchise on a whole.)
  • Gleaming The Cube (See the Cult Movie Rule)