"No one will like your character..." is a phrase the hosts use to preface a common mistake writers will make in giving a character a "unique" quality that is supposed to endear them to the audience, in lieu of any actual character development.

It is one of the original Tirades Tropes.

No one will like your character just because...Edit

  • They draw or paint
  • They flick a cigarette away while slowly walking through the rain
  • They are a virginal flower
  • They have a cat
  • They meditate
  • They care about the environment
  • They scored "genius" or "super-genius" on an I.Q. test
  • They are poor
  • They are a seemingly perfect young boy or girl who sings
  • They are a wise old Asian person
  • They play the piano
  • They like a particular band
  • They ride a crotch rocket
  • They have boobs and wear a tight leather suit
  • They wield a sword
  • They are 12 years old and kick everyone's ass with pseudo-Tai Chi
  • They know a lot about cars
  • They look like a model
  • They wear a Ramones shirt
  • They wear a Che Guevara shirt
  • They have a family member or close friend who died at some point in the past
  • They are kidnapped and tortured, but were given minimal-at-best screentime
  • They can break dance
  • They wisecrack (especially at inappropriate moments)
  • They fall on their ass
  • They take photographs
  • They shoot home videos
  • They randomly quote historical figures in an effort to sound intelligent such as:
  • They fall in love quickly and have to shout it out to the world
  • They loud whisper while doing anything else in this list