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Nomi Malone is the protagonist? of the 1995 movie Showgirls. She is played by Elizabeth Berkeley.

Secondarily, her name is often used by the hosts as verb to describe any Tiradesverse character that hastily walks or stomps offscreen in a mini-tantrum. (Ex: Chris then Nomi Malones away.") - from Episode 28 - A Talking Cat!?!


  • Until Optimus Prime came along, was long considered the poster child for protagonists? in the entire Tiradesverse
  • Hitchhikes to Las Vegas, ruins the lives of everyone she remotely comes into contact with, and then leaves the city for Los Angeles
  • Why we're supposed to care for and sympathize with her is one of the greatest mysteries in all the Tiradesverse
  • Her favorite pasttime is walking/stomping away angrily
  • Is a fucking moral cesspool
  • Used to eat dog food
  • Blows like a thousand dollars in what might have been like four minutes at a slot machine
  • Can do a spot-on impersonation of a wave machine or a wavy tube man