A protagonist? is the main character of a movie set in the Tiradesverse whom the audience is ostensibly supposed to be rooting for, but generally is completely unlikable and will often have great things happen to them for no reason. A main character characterized as a protagonist? can also be a neutral-type (or a secondary "good guy") who the writers of the movie want the viewers to root for, but are given no discernible reason for them to do so. Another type of protagonist? is a person who is clearly on the side of good, but is so spectacularly stupid and/or oblivious that it is impossible to cheer them on. Yet another kind is a character that is written so confusingly that the viewer has no clue if they are supposed to be pulled for or not. In such cases, they are often just defaulted to "protagonist?" status.

A protagonist? is a foil to the real protagonist.

Examples[edit | edit source]

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