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Rod is the main protagonist? of the 2010 James Nguyen film, Birdemic. He is played by a robot desperately in need of a firmware update.


  • Talks like a Speak & Spell
  • Will sacrifice a million dollars to make a deal
  • Known for his great macking dialogue
  • Wonders if he can keep in contact with Nathalie
  • Can apparently time travel because he owns a hybrid Mustang, which didn't exist when this movie was shot
  • Works at MacFlugal's Sales & Marketing
  • Really strikes us as a guy who would say, "Darn!"
  • A certified creeper
  • Cousin of a guy
  • The luckiest motherfucker in the Tiradesverse
  • Seriously, he must have a 24K gold horseshoe shoved up his ass:
    • Is a millionaire, despite being the worst negotiator on the face of the earth
    • Lives in a ridiculously nice house
    • Asks for $10 million from a group of investors, and they deliberate for all of 12 seconds before deciding to give it to him--even after he gave the most monotone and vapid PowerPoint presentation ever
    • Gets to bang Nathalie
    • Randomly finds new objects in the back of the minivan to help his entourage and himself while the birds are attacking, even though none of these things were in the vehicle previously