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Tessa Yeager is the deuteragonist of the 2014 Michael Bay film Transformers: Age of Extinction.

She is played by Nicola Peltz.


  • Easily the most useless character in the entire movie
  • Which is saying something considering who her boyfriend is
  • Is a 17-year-old that doesn't know how Romeo & Juliet ended and has no known ambition after graduating other than getting wasted
  • Despite this, she is somehow surprised that she is turned down for scholarships
  • Despite being 17, dates a 20-year-old that is a sex offender waiting to happen
  • This leads to nigh-unto-endless jokes about statutory rape riddled throughout the movie that could have all been avoided if Michael Bay and Ehren Kruger had just made her character 18 years old
  • Gets trapped inside a car and pulled into Lockdown's ship
  • Does absolutely nothing in the movie except bitch at her father about literally everything
  • We assume after she and the other protagonists? of The Last Airbender defeated the Fire Nation, she was sucked into a time portal and landed in Texas with no memory of her childhood in the Antarctic