The Death of Batman is a fan film created by Donald Flaherty.

This 28-minute film was the subject of one of James' written Tirades. In it, Batman is captured and beaten mercilessly for weeks by a heroin junkie. James was very reluctant to do a Tirades review of it simply because it is a fan film and there has to be a lot more leeway given to those over a big-budget movie. However, due to its extreme level of idiocy and offensiveness to the Batman character and mythos, James decided that it was fair game.

Why does it suck?Edit

  • The character of Batman is disrespected, mangled, and ruined on an epic level in this film:
    • Batman smiles and wisecracks as he chases the junkie.
    • Batman acts annoyed towards a person who could be dying.
    • The junkie dry humps him.
    • The man who blames himself for Jason Todd's death injects himself with heroin and commits suicide because a junkie kills himself.
  • The junkie never unmasks Batman despite the fact that he complains that vigilantes make their own schedules.
  • The junkie explains that Batman captured him in a meth lab raid, even though he wasn't part of the meth lab. His car was simply stalled out outside the meth lab and he was assumed to be a drug dealer. This guy must have had the most useless attorney in the history of eternity. (It is also assumed this attorney represented Beth's husband before the events of An Easter Bunny Puppy.)
  • The acting is unimaginably horrible and the script somehow outdoes it by being even worse.
  • In a scene showing a Gotham newscast, Bruce Wayne is "Gotham's Man of the Year" and there is a picture of Batman on the screen. Think about that for a second.
  • The Joker is apparently a narcotics dealer.
  • The newscaster says that the GCPD is looking for anyone who has seen a person matching Batman's description. "Yes, 911, I just saw a guy whose chin looks like Batman's..."


  • The review placed 2nd in the 2009 Mainpage Awards


As of Episode 17, James retconned the numeric score he originally gave it (4/100) and assigned it a Final Word: "travesty".

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