Titus Abrasax is an antagonist in the 2015 film, Jupiter Ascending. He is played by Douglas Booth.


  • Took a look at the list of things an Evil Overlord shouldn't do and thought it was a to-do list
  • Wants to marry the reincarnation of his mother and then kill her
  • Hires a guy with obvious split loyalties to kidnap her
  • Has anti-gravity orgies with half-animal women
  • Is hard to take serious when his primary henchwoman has giant mouse ears and shares nearly every scene with him
  • Come to think of it, that chick kinda looks like Catwoman...
  • Flies around in a giant space cathedral
  • Despite it being rather obvious, is the one who has to drop the bomb of what Space Vampires do with planets
  • Is also a terrible liar
  • Reveals his entire plan before airlocking his former henchman who has shown a shocking ability to survive anything
  • Kinda just forgotten about after his plans are foiled
  • In hindsight, serves absolutely no purpose to the plot
  • Never even receives so much as a literal slap on the wrist for trying to commit matricide and regicide against the same person
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