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Tranquil Tirades was a Parsec Award-nominated podcast and written series of reviews created specifically for the purpose of covering and critiquing horrible movies (and on rare occasions, other media). Where the podcast differed from other movie review podcasts and videos is that the Tirades' format followed a beat-by-beat coverage of the entire movie in question from beginning to end, analyzing (re: trashing) every single scene. That's dedication, holmes. Episodes can be downloaded for free from iTunes or from and written reviews can also be read at the website. Feedback can be posted to the Facebook page or sent via e-mail to

Created by James Deaux on 30 August 2007 as a series of written reviews, the Tirades was eventually spun off into a monthly audio show, bringing Damien Wilkens and, through Episode 14, Michael Cole into the fold*. From Episode 15 on, just James and Damien hosted each episode. As of Summer 2017, the show is on an indefinite hiatus.

This wiki is to help document all of the pain (along with the references and in-jokes) that makes up each episode, all of the characters from these movies, and the Tiradesverse at large. Interspersed on this wiki, as well, are people and things that hold special places in the hearts of the co-hosts.

If you wish to view the pages for reviewed movies on the podcast, we recommend clicking here rather than searching by movie title.

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*The hosts sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by Michael Cole's offensive remarks and crudeness during his run on the show.

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